like a lonely house
30 December 2013 @ 05:07 am
[recs] fic, multifandom  
for the ostracized from society square on my [ profile] hc_bingo card. recs under the cut.

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like a lonely house
19 July 2013 @ 02:50 am
fic dump;  
this evolution. skins. effy/cook. effy/freddie. r.
he leans in close, whispers, "we've got chemistry, you and me, doll." 1920's AU.

untitled. skins. pandora/effy. pg-13.
"you're the only one she ever really loved, you know."

sweet disposition (and a wide-eyed gaze). that 70's show. jackie/hyde. r.
"do you ever think about it?"

five things kelly kapoor never told anyone about ryan howard. the office. kelly/ryan. pg-13.
he likes to brush her hair.

(your) hallelujah. victorious. beck/jade. pg-13.
her eyes glisten and you know it isn’t the stage lights.

nubilous remembrance. teen wolf. danny/jackson. pg.
sometimes danny counts the freckles on jackson's skin.

the up all nights (they don't know about). teen wolf. stiles/derek. r.
they don't talk about it.

interlacing reminiscence. doctor who. doctor/rose. g.
sometimes she wishes the memories would just fade away all together.

rusted brandy. push. nick/cassie. r.
he shakes his head, mutters, "missed you." she smirks at him and asks where he keeps the liquor.

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