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2012-07-23 02:54 am
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[sticky entry] Sticky: tv taught me how to feel :: now real life has no appeal

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2017-08-24 03:17 am

[fic] in the place of you and me (two ghosts standing) ; harry potter, harry/draco

in the place of you and me (two ghosts standing). harry potter. pg-13. 8931. ao3 lj
draco can't recall a time he wasn't in love with harry potter. he can't imagine there ever being a time he won't be. 

for the prompt hello - adele by [ profile] kikimay at [ profile] hd_wireless. all the love and gratitude to s and l for their help with this. shout out to adele and taylor swift for being the queens of breakup albums and providing endless inspiration/tears. 
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2017-08-11 09:48 pm

[fic] cherry chapstick (the taste of her) ; harry potter, ginny/luna

cherry chapstick (the taste of her). harry potter. ginny/luna. pg. 365.
for [community profile] hogwarts365prompt #204: players, cherries.
"alright," ginny said grudgingly. "you won," she sighed. "what do you want?" 
luna considered what it was she wanted most of all before stepping forward. 
"this," she said and then she was pressing her lips to ginny's.

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2017-06-28 02:26 am

a request for help

It's taking a lot for me to even write this but I don't think I have any other option. I just found out that my family and I are most likely going to lose our house by the end of the week. We're probably going to have to move into the first place that will take us and will probably have to ask someone to temporarily keep one of our pets as most apartments have a two pet policy (we have three dogs). I'm currently unemployed and it's very difficult for me to find a job. I have an invisible illness that necessitates a sitting job which is rare to find in my area. Because my illness is not technically considered a disability, I receive no special treatment or benefits. I'm still actively seeking employment but in the meantime I thought I would try and open up commissions. Unfortunately, I'm not an artist, but I do write. All of my previously written work can be found on my AO3 here. I'm willing to write any fandom/ship from this list in exchange for a "coffee" ($3) on my ko-fi here. If you have a spare $3 lying around and I would appreciate this more than you could ever possibly know. Thank you for even considering it. 💖 Layla
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2017-06-01 02:55 am
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[pimpin' joy] bingo, fests, fic, recs + more

things i'm (officially) a part of:
  • the [community profile] hphet mini fest has started posting and i wrote a neville/ginny fic for it! [lj link]
  • i'm hosting the fest for this month's bingo at [community profile] allbingo ! the theme for this month is pride and you can use the public card or create your own. come and join the fun!
  • i'm one of the reccers over at [community profile] fanart_recs this month! i'll be reccing pieces for the all for the game series and it looks like there will be recs for dragon age, narnia, stargate atlantis, guardians of the galaxy, and teen wolf this month too. come and look at all the beautiful fanart!
things i'm not (officially) a part of (yet!):

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2017-05-11 09:28 pm

[trailer talk] baywatch

I had zero intention of seeing the new Baywatch film but after seeing a trailer for it (thanks, Hulu) I'm more than just apathetic about it. I'm angry.
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2017-05-08 08:28 pm

[dear author] likes & dislikes

i noticed people doing this a while back and thought it'd be a good idea to post one too, but i just never got around to it. hopefully it'll be useful if you're writing something for me in an exchange/fest/etc. i'm quite easy to please though and i'm sure i will love whatever you create! this is really just to help you along/inspire you if you're stuck. 💖

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2016-01-31 06:38 pm

[inspiration] i would have said yes ; throne of glass, chaol/celaena

i'm...not sure what this is, exactly. i'm going to say that this is for ~inspiration purposes for if i want to write a fic/make graphics i can just come back here instead of having to look up the quotes again but... mainly i just had a lot of feelings about these two while reading and highlighted/bookmarked all the sentences/passages that made my heart hurt and want to be able to come back here and cry about them whenever i feel the need.
and we will only need each other )
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2016-01-27 08:26 pm

[graphics] favorite movies of 1999

for the my best picture picks challenge at draw_cards.


  • slightly nsfw (aka one picture shows a bit off a man's buttcheeks)

  • fairly image heavy

  • lots of pink

ten very pink picspams below )