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like a lonely house ([personal profile] delacourtings) wrote on January 30th, 2016 at 09:47 pm
[meme] autofill

hit the keys for each letter of the alphabet and post what the first result in your search bar for each one!

snagged from [ profile] kitty_fic!

a: ao3
b: babesognin* (one of my own side blogs lol it's from when i spent a million hours editing it promise!)
c: cram
d: drive
e: emmasneverland (this post isn't bookmarked or anything idk why it's here? i'm guessing it's the only e ~site i've ever visited)
f: facebook
g: gameofcards
h: hotmail
i: imgur
j: jokermary
k: kissthemgoodbye
l: livejournal
n: netflix
o: outlook
p: pinterest (this is so random? i was expecting this to be a recipe or diy or something but instead it's tangled fanart!)
q: queen_bartonia
r: random
s: sparkyourmuse
t: twitter
u: urbandictionary
v: vintagic
w: * (this one was my school's priavte website so i didn't feel comfortable putting it here)
x: none
y: youtube
z: zoellas

so many of these are specific journals/blogs i feel like a stalker omg. i'm not creeping on all of you, i promise!
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