08 January 2016 @ 04:50 pm
[layla's life] i do give a damn about my (not so) bad education  

okay, so.

back in october, around the end of the month, i met with my advisor about the classes i needed to take this semester and he approved them, blah blah blah, everything's fine. he did tell me though that their were two holds on my account and that he couldn't actually register me for those classes until they were cleared. one was q student life hold and the other a past due balance, okay. i contacted the student life person and they told me i needed to fill out an off housing application, provide a copy of a photo id of both myself and my parent as well as a utility bill within the last 90 days, fill out an emergency contact form and stop by the student affairs office to sign the student handbook. because apparently all of this has to be done every. single. year. which makes no sense but whatever. unfortunately this was all told to me at crunch time during the end of the semester so naturally it was the last of my priorities. then it was finals and i had no time to drop off all this paperwork. then it was winter break and campus wasn't open. *screams* okay, now pause on this while i move onto the past due balance problem.

i contacted the business office who told me i had a little over a 7,000 past due balance. 500 of that was because of the student life issue. but apparently the rest of that was because the only financial aid i had was this one grant. now in the past ive always gotten this certain loan. so, the finaid office emails you when they are missing certain documents. they never emailed me saying that they didn't have any required paperwork for this loan. in fact, they had received two of the required documents for this loan. since they did not tell me i was missing any documents for this loan, naturally i assumed everything was fine. it wasn't. apparently i need to turn in a request form for this loan. a form that they never told me i was missing. so, i now have to turn in that form to the finaid office. the problem is, i have not had/do not have the time to do that before monday morning, which is the day classes start. due to medical issues that occurred back at the start of september, i am restricted by law to drive until march. therefore i have been and will continue to be relying on my mother for transportation to and from school, as no one on my side of town attends my school. my mother works a full time job and is often stuck in all day meetings (literally all day, they do not even receive a lunch break, lunch is brought to them and they eat while they continue working). today she happened to have one of those meetings. she also has to go out of town often for her job. this week was one of the times where she had to be out of town. this means that at no time this week have i been able to go to the school to turn in any needed paperwork and try and sort this all out.

the only option i have is to go to the school very first thing monday morning. the day classes start. the classes i need don't start until 1:30 in the afternoon so i am desperately hoping and praying that everything will be taken care of by then but there is no telling. another worry of mine is that one of the classes i need only has one spot left and i'm scared it's going to be gone by monday. i can ask the professor for permission to be in the class anyway but there is always the chance that they say no.

i have major anxiety and all of this making my anxiety skyrocket. i also have a functional but chronic health disorder and when i have high levels of stress and anxiety it often causes my disorder to inflame. one semester it was so bad that i ended up having to take a leave of absence the next semester. i'm also worried that the stress and anxiety im having about all of this is going to cause the disorder to start acting up severely again.

i do realize that some of these issues are my fault and i accept that but i do think the school is partially responsible. basically, i am just an exhausted, frustrated, anxious mess and i needed to vent about it.

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[identity profile] daria234.livejournal.com on January 9th, 2016 01:30 am (UTC)
Bureucratic bs sucks, I'm sorry *hugs*

unsolicited advice - you could email the professor now and just do a 1-paragraph explanation on how it's because of financials that you can't enroll toward Monday, you need the class, you're looking forward to the class, and asking if they could give an override if it fills up before Monday
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kitty_fic[personal profile] kitty_fic on January 9th, 2016 06:06 pm (UTC)
I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this frustration *hugs*
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