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[challenge] fandom snowflake | day o6

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

day o6:

in your own space, create your own challenge. what’s something you want to see more people doing in fandom? is there something you’ve tried that you think other people would enjoy if they gave it a go? dare your friends to try it out, and have fun with it.

o1. challenge revival

  • is there a challenge/meme/etc. that you really liked the idea/theme of but didn't get the chance to partake in it when it was happening? do it now!

  • i, for example, really love ficathons but wasn't on lj when they were in their prime. so, i'm planning on hosting my own!

o2. something new

  • try something new.

  • it can be a new format (if you're a fic writer, try writing a fic entirely in tweet form) or an entirely new medium for you (normally make podfics? write a fic! make a fanvid! draw some fanart, write filk, write some meta, anything. just create something. you might find a new medium you really enjoy!

o3. show appreciation

  • tell someone you appreciate them.

  • is there a fest or challenge or comm that you really enjoy? be sure to let the mods knoww how much you love the fest/challenge/comm and how much you appreciate them and their work on it!

+a bonus challenge:
o4. write a haiku

  • this is inspired by a professor of mine who claims "there's no such things as a good haiku."

  • i, of course, went on to find a multitude of good haikus and emailed them to him in order to prove him wrong but it was pretty difficult finding them and now i'm really wanting to see some haikus.

  • for this challenge, write a haiku.

  • write humorous haikus, write serious haikus, write a haiku from the perspective of a villain, just write a haiku!

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