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[challenge] chocolate box ▵ dear author

likes: i love introspective fic, female friendship, ust (but only if it's resolved at the end), pining, angst with a happy ending, banter, i have a major jealousy/possessive kink but not to the point where it's unhealthy, found families, casefic, tropes (just about all of them tbh), pretend relationship. in terms of more ~sexual things, i like frotting, sex up against the wall, cunnilingus, blow jobs, mutual masturbation, phone sex, semi-public sex (like in a dressing room or somewhere you could get easily caught), biting, partially clothed sex, praise kink.
dislikes/squicks: not canon major character death, underage sex if there's a particulary large age difference, dub/non-con, watersports, (honestly i like my sex pretty vanilla as far as things so), gratioutis violence/horror/gore, infidelity, character bashing, established relationship (i just prefer seeing them get together!).

i'd love to see rosa having to help gina of some sort, either at work or otherwise, maybe if it's work related she really doesn't have a choice or if it's a personal project maybe amy has to push/force her into doing it. rosa begrudgingly starting to actually tolerate, not like, she never said like, gina, the more time they spend together. rosa being her normal gruff and abrupt and standoffish self but secretly being kind of...charmed by gina almost?

maybe amy, with her keen detective skills, noseyness, notices that rosa has feelings for gina and decides to help in her own amy way. maybe they somehow end up at a bar on "we're not calling it a girl's night" girl's night? maybe rosa consumes a little too much and finds herself getting a little too close to gina, physically and emotionally. maybe 1-2-3-4-5-6 drink amy shows up again. maybe gina does an entire dance routine in the middle of the floor and everyone stops and watches (though no one is more attentive than rosa). who knows?

i love the friendship between all the ladies so feel free to include that if you wish! also really feel free to include absolutely everyone because i love everyone and all of the dynamics!


i'd love to see these three going from friends to something more. dex and nursey initally only agreeing not to be constantly at each other's throats because chowder asks and they'll do anything for chowder. and one of them getting jealous if the other hangs out with chowder without him and all of them just feeling like something's missing and realizing their feelings for each other and admitting them to one another and idk i just want happy, in love, little frogs, basically. anything among those lines.

lucas/maya, maya/riley, riley/zay, smackle & maya & riley, maya & riley, zay & lucas & maya & riley & farkle:

ugh. okay. i have a lot of feeeings about this show (a lot) so i apologize in advance. first of all lucas/maya. god, lucas/maya. i adore maya, she's my favorite character and her and lucas are probaby my otp of the show. i'd love a fic about them getting together when they're older, in high school maybe? i'd also love an au where they meet in college! or anywhere! i love au's.

as for maya/riley, i absolutely love their relationship and would love seeing them figuring out their feelings for each other. riley noticing little things that she's doing like staring at maya a little too long, hugging her a little too tight, etc. and freaking out because of it but not telling anyone about it because the one person she'd usually tell, maya, she can't. maybe riley confiding in smackle and talking about it with her because smackle understands what it's like to feel different. maybe after riley figures everything out for herself she then goes to cory&topanga for reasurrance that they still love her because even though she knows they do, she can't help but still worry because that's just who she is. and maybe she talks to farkle too and then to zay&lucas (together because it's easier that way) and once she's done all that and everyone's accepted and loved her right away she feels more confident in herself. and she finally tells maya and maya is just like "i know." and riley is like you knew? why didn't you tell me? and maya tells her she had to figure everything out for herself and she wasn't going to push her into doing something she wasn't ready for. and then they kiss and admit their love and live happily ever after. (god, i've basically written an entire fic here i'm sorry i didn't mean to.)

as for maya&riley, i'd love seeing just the two of them being them. having a girls day/night (extra challenge: no mention/appearance of boys at all) or something about their relationship preshow or them trying to keep their relationship the same when they're in college and going down different paths and desperately trying not to grow apart. in the same vein, i'd love to see a smackle & riley & maya girl's day/night.

i love all of the characters (althought i don't agree with what the writers are making some of them do *coughFARKLEcough*) and i'd love to see zay & lucas & maya & riley & farkle just being together and havig fun. no drama and just happy, silly, fun times. or them learning more about each other! especially lucas and zay opening up more about their past in texas! and more developing friendships (especially zay&maya) within the group as a whole. or an au where they all meet each other differently and the story of how they all come together and become the hive five in a different universe. anything with these five dorks bonding.

oh my god. these two. i'd love just. anything. anything about them. pre-show. post-show. during the show. au. (i love au's, like all of them.) i don't care. what really happened the first night they met. eliot teaching sophie "some things." eliot teaching her how to "put her hips into it." eliot constantly beaming and saying "that's my girl" whenever she hits anyone. angst about eliot finally getting used to being a part of a team, angst about sophie ruining it, angst about eliot not understanding why he was the last one sophie apologized to. honestly, anything. free rein here, completely.
ugh. just look at them. (y'know, for ~inspiration.)

(omg i got carried away i'm sorry although these gifs did give me some ideas: like the first gifs look like something out of pygmalion. sophie training eliot to be one of the 1% because reasons! sophie realizing she likes eliot the way he is but this what she does.
angst! feelings! more angst!

also gifs 4+5 make me think of an au where eliot is a boxer and sophie is a...something. publicist? someone who works closely with him and forces him to do things he doesn't want like talk shows and interviews and magazines and things and they spend so much time together and fall for each other but can't be together because Professionalism and stuff. gah.)

as always, these are, of course, just suggestions/ideas in case you were feeling stuck, feel free to write whatever you like. i'm sure i'll love it no matter what♥
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