delacourtings: (breakfast at tiffany's)
like a lonely house ([personal profile] delacourtings) wrote on January 12th, 2015 at 10:39 pm
[challenge] fandom snowflake | day 12

in your own space, talk about what you bring to fandom. it can be something tangible, or not.

well, i write fic on occasion, though most of it sits in drafts in my google drive. i make fanmixes, although i haven't made one in quite a while now that i think about it. oops.

i tend to make graphics mostly, including icons, sig tags, wallpapers, etc.

along with that, i also post masterposts, primers, reviews, and fic recs.

on tumblr, i run a resource/reference blog with all sorts of helpful posts with everything about photoshop to cooking and everything in between. i really love helping people, so i'm always trying to help people out whenever i can, whether it means finding a link for them to stream a movie or making a certain picture into an icon or anything, i always jump at the chance to do it.

and i like to think i'm a cheerleader as well. some friends of mine let me read their fics as they're written and sometimes even bounce ideas off of me and such and that seems to be helpful for them! i also like cheering on graphic makers because i feel like every 3 times an icon is snagged, only 1 person actually stops to comment and tell the creator how much their work is appreciated.

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