17 May 2017 @ 03:34 am
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young justice.
  • m'gann. m'gann is my favorite character, i adore her so literally anything is good here. you can write about her taking a walk through the park and i guarantee you i'll love it. but if the park isn't your jam here are some ideas: does she ever get culture shock? does she ever miss home? or being around other people like her? what's that like? she got to close to kon pretty fast and didn't seem to have that much of a relationship with the other girls early on. did she get closer to artemis and zatanna after their breakup? do the three of them teach other their individual skills? i also love babs so if you wanna include her in this group, please do! 

mcu. peggy. angie. bobby. natasha. skye l daisy. 
  • peggy. what was her childhood like? what was her life like as a code breaker? did she ever get tired of all the sexism at the ssr, etc. and consider giving up and joining a female-dominated field? what was life like post-season two of agent carter? did she keep touch with angie during s2 of agent carter? i really love peggy/angie so something with them would be great. 
  • angie. what was her life like before peggy came into it? does she ever make it to broadway? is peggy at her first performance in the closest seats she could get? again, i love peggy/angie, so feel free to do with that information what you wish.
  • bobbi. i love bobbi. tbh i don't have any specific ideas. just anything about her? lol. do she and natasha have a relationship? what's that like? what about her relationship with skye l daisy? 
  • natasha. i don't really have any ideas for natasha either, oops. really anything with her would be great! i'd love to see her relationships with some of the women from shield (maria, bobbi, skye l daisy, etc.) or pepper, or gamora, or jane foster, any woman really. 
  • skye l daisy. i can't seem to call her daisy, idk why, i'm sorry! i'd love to see her life pre-shield or something about her during season one of aou. i'm also in love with the idea of natasha being her mentor of sorts. i think they'd have a really interesting dynamic. 
  • maria & natasha. do they have weekly sparring sessions? do they complain about the sexism they have to deal with? do they have designated hours where they aren't allowed to mention any of the men they work with at all?do they recommend books and movies to each other? do they hang out outside of work?
  • maria & jane. i'd love maria approaching jane about a job with shield, or, maria being part of the team that escorts her to the remote observatory. just anything with them really. 
  • maria & wanda. maria & pepper, natasha & gamora. honestly i don't really have any ideas for these. i just want some sort of interaction between them! and bonding. bonus points if it passes the bechdel-wallace test, lol? 

harry potter. fleur, ginny, luna, cho, lavender, pansy, narcissa, lily, minerva, molly, hermione, angelina.
  • fleur. firstly, fleur is my favorite female character, i love her to pieces. anything about her i will love. does she suffer from ptsd after the events of gof? what made her decide to move to a different country, in the middle of a war no less? what was her relationship with bill like in the beginning? how does she feel about people always misjudging her and thinking less of her because of her looks/femininity? what was it like for her when she was getting ready to marry the love of her life and his family was constantly mistreating her? if you'd like to make something where she confronts ginny/hermione/molly about their treatment of her and they apologize, i would definitely be here for that. 
  • ginny. i love ginny. how does it feel being the only girl in the family? did she ever feel like she had to be a bit of a tomboy in order to prove herself to her brothers? what's her relationship like with bill and charlie? are they not as close due to the age difference? what's her relationship like with arthur? with molly? my favorite ginny headcanon is that she's a trans girl so if you want to make something with that, go for it. i also adore ginny's relationship with luna, both platonically and romantically, so if you wanted to do something with both of them, i'd love that. does ginny confide in luna about what it was like having voldemort in her head? does she go to luna when she has nightmares about him being in there again? 
  • luna. speaking of luna, what was her childhood like? how close were she and her mother? did she and the weasleys ever interact as children? does the constant teasing ever get to her? how does she feel about her work constantly being laughed at or her career being discredited? what was her sixth year like? what did it feel like to finally have friends? did she and hagrid have a relationship due to their obsessions with magical creatures? what was that relationship like?
  • cho. cho, my poor, misunderstood, mistreated girl. how did her and cedric's relationship start? what was it like for her after cedric died? how did people treat her?  have a hc that luna is basically the only one who is normal around her after the events of gof so a cho&luna friendship fic would be fantastic, if you're feeling that. anything that paints her differently than majority as fandom sees her, i would love. 
  • lavender. lavender, another one of my poor, mistreated girls. what was it like for her post-breakup? did she know that harry/hermione/ginny/etc. didn't like her? how did she feel about that? did she ever try to get into their good graces? what's her and parvati's relationship like? how did they become friends? (i totally ship lavender/parvati so if you want to include that, i am not at all adverse to it!)
  • pansy. oh, pansy. i think i have a thing for misunderstood and mistreated by the fandom girls. what was her childhood like? did she and draco or blaise or millicent know each other as children? what was her life like post-hogwarts? did she have regrets? or was she angry that no-one understood that she was just a scared girl? my only ship for pansy is pansy/ron so if you want to make something angsty for them, go for it! 
  • narcissa. i love narcissa. what was her childhood like, growing up with bellatrix and andromeda? how did she and lucius meet? did they fall in love or was it an arranged marriage? did she eventually fall in love with him? is there anything she wouldn't do for her son? did she ever have doubts about following voldemort? what's her and draco's relationship like pre-hogwarts? post-hogwarts?
  • lily. we don't really know all that much about lily. what was hogwarts like for her? who were her friends? how was she there for remus? when did she start growing feelings for james? what was her reaction to finding out she was pregnant with harry? what was the precious time she got with harry like? did she a mcgonogall have a relationship? what was that like? did she consider leaving harry to her?  
  • minerva. what's her story? what was her childhood like? her hogwarts experience? did she always want to teach? did she consider other careers? did she have other careers before teaching? did she ever disagree with dumbledore's actions? did she resist them in any way? what was her relationship like with james or lily or sirius? did she have a love of her life? what happened to them? is she asexual/aromantic? if you choose to do something ship wise, i really just don't like her with any canon males, or any canon women younger than her but other than that, go nuts!
  • molly. what was her time at hogwarts like? or her childhood? how did she and arthur meet? did she date anyone other than arthur? did she always want children? did she suffer from postpartum? did she always want to be a stay at home mum? did people judge her for that? (i feel like hermione might suggest to her that she doesn't have to stay at home and she could still go out and get a career and molly saying she doesn't want one which creates a bit of tension between them.) 
  • hermione. did she feel like she was different growing up? what was her childhood like? what happened to her muggle friends once she left for hogwarts? did she keep in touch with them? how did her relationship with her parents change after she went to hogwarts? what was third year like for her? what was first year like before she and ron and harry became friends? how long did she think about obliviating her parents before working up the courage to do it? what effect did it have on her? did she ever find them? 
  • angelina. did she always love quidditch? when did she make the team? what's her relationship with katie and alicia like? what's her relationship with fred and george pre-gof? did she and fred have some sort of romantic relationship? did people judge her when marrying george? did she have doubts about her own reason for marrying george?
lucifer. chloe, linda, maze, ella.
  • i would love anything about these ladies individually or together. i'd love a repeat of girls night. maybe this time they stay in. what kind of movies do they watch? does chloe let them watch hers? anything with these girls being friends is great. and i totally ship linda/maze so if you want to make something with those two, i would definitely not be opposed. 
the shannara chronicles. amberle, eretria.
this is another instance where i will love anything with these characters. (that's pretty much the case for every fandom here tbh)
  • eretria refusing to give up on amberle and doing everything she can to turn her back into a human (maybe everyone else has given up hope, even wil and that just makes eretria more determined to prove them wrong)
  • a canon divergent au where will is kidnapped/something bad happens to him/etc. and the two of them have to work together to come up with a plan to save them
  • late night conversations where they learn about each other and admit things they never would in daylight
  • i'd love to see amberle recognizing and acknowledging the sacrifices eretria makes and eretria admitting that amberle's more than just a pretty princess
  • i 100000% ship these two romantically (and am not really a fan of will with either of them) so if you want to take this into a romantic direction i am all for that
  • if you want to go down the au route i am so here for that too! i love au's so any au your heart desire is fine by me

brooklyn nine nine. gina, rosa, amy.
  • i'd love to see rosa having to help gina in some way, either at work or otherwise, maybe if it's work amy has to push her into doing it. rosa begrudgingly starting to actually tolerate, not like, she never said like, gina, the more time they spend together. rosa being her normal gruff and abrupt and standoffish self but secretly being kind of...charmed by gina almost? i ship these two really hard so if you want to take in that direction you won't here any complaints from me!
  • i really like the idea of all the girls helping each other so maybe a 5 times they helped one another fic might be nice? like gina and rosa helping amy study for a seargant's exam, rosa and amy helping gina with her dance routines, etc. etc.
  • i really just want something with these girls being caring and supporting of each other even if it's not always that they do care/are supportive.
  • feel free to include the entire cast because i love all the dynamics! as aforementioned, i love gina/rosa and i love jake/amy too so if you want to include those ships that's totally cool.
gilmore girls.
  • i love lorelai to pieces. i'd love anything about her. her relationship with emily, her relationship with rory, her relationship with paris, anything. (i'm a huge luke/lorelai fan so her relationship with him is great too.)
  • i love rory and paris and i especially love rory/paris. how does their relationship change after college? did they ever have feelings for each other during college/high school, if you're going down the romantic route? was rory there when paris' kids were born? is rory their godmother? does rory come to stay and help out with paris during the divorce? 

bob's burgers. louise, tina, linda.
  • i love this show. i love how funny it is but at the same time, every time the family shows how genuinely they love each other, i cry. i'd love to just see some sweet moments between them. does tina try to help louise when she has her first boy/girl problems? does linda? do they tag team it? how do louise and linda feel when tina goes off to college? does their relationship change? really anything between these three is great. i also love bob and gene so you can totally include them if you wish.

leverage. parker, sophie.
  • i love sophie. love, love, love her. anything about her would be amazing. anything about her and parker would be amazing. i don't really have any ideas here, i'm sorry! shipwise, i ship sophie/eliot (they're my rarepair otp okay shh), nate/sophie, sophie/tara, and eliot/parker/hardison. i also like asexual!parker so if you wanted to make something with that, that'd be cool! maybe sophie being the first person parker confides in about it? who knows!
historical rpf. julie d'aubigny. 
  • i am absolutely fascinated by julie and her life. as this isn't really a typical fandom here, i don't have really any ideas. maybe her time at the nunnery? and the girl she infiltrated it for? lol. basically, you can do pretty much anything here. i'd love to see your take on her!
of course, all of these are merely suggestions that might inspire you and you should in no way feel pressured to write any of them. if you have something else in mind, go for it! i'll love it no matter what, promise.