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[dear author] likes & dislikes

i noticed people doing this a while back and thought it'd be a good idea to post one too, but i just never got around to it. hopefully it'll be useful if you're writing something for me in an exchange/fest/etc. i'm quite easy to please though and i'm sure i will love whatever you create! this is really just to help you along/inspire you if you're stuck. 💖


gender bends. i just personally have issues with this concept as a whole and is probably one of my biggest dnw. i'm all for trans characters, genderfluid, agender, etc. characters though!

gay for you. again, i have issues with the concept as a whole. i'd rather the character just be gay, bi, pan (i identify as pan and would love seeing more pan characters in fic) or for the whole sexuality thing to be a non issue.

infidelity. not a fan. i can't get past thinking that if character a would cheat on character b with character c, what's stopping character a from cheating on character c when a/c are together?


non-con/dub-con. caveat: sex pollen/aliens made them due it is usually okay but for the most part dub-con is a no for me.

underage sex if there's a particulary large age difference. okay if the characters are the same age. ex: 17/17 year old ship is fine, but if the characters are 17 and idk 32, id rather there be no sex or the younger character be aged up.

•bdsm. it just isn't my cup of tea.

domestic violence.

self harm.


major character death.

the word pussy. this is nitpicky, i know. but i really despise the word, especially if it's being used to describe someone.

established relationship. this isn't really a squick. i just prefer seeing the couples get together!

mental illness/eating disorders. this ones tricky. i don't mind fics with mental illness if they're done well/carefully researched. i suffer from anxiety, depression, ocd, and anorexia, so those in particular i have a hard time with if they aren't treated carefully.

mpreg. it's just not really my thing.

non-sexual bodily fluids (watersports, etc.)

gratuitous violence/horror/gore.

character bashing. particularly of a canon female character (usually a love interest) in a fic with a m/m ship. ex.: bashing ginny in a harry/draco fic.


Now, onto things I actually do like!

•introspective fic
•character studies
•female friendships
•healthy platonic m/f relationships
•seemingly unrequited love/pining
•case fic
•found families
•angst with a happy ending
•pretend relationship
•friends with benefits
•ust. but only if it's resolved at the end, if that makes sense? lol.

•bookstore au's
•library au's
•coffeeshop au's
•undercover au's
•teacher/student or t.a./student au's
•pretty much any au under the sun

•boys in panties
•coming on face/lips/chest/stomach/etc.
•intercrural sex
•mutual masturbation
•partially clothed sex
•phone sex
•praise kink
•semi-public sex (like in a dressing room or somewhere you could get easily caught)
•sex up against the wall
•i also have a wee bit (lol) of a jealousy/possessive kink but not to the point where it's unhealthy
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