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I had zero intention of seeing the new Baywatch film but after seeing a trailer for it (thanks, Hulu) I'm more than just apathetic about it. I'm angry.
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i noticed people doing this a while back and thought it'd be a good idea to post one too, but i just never got around to it. hopefully it'll be useful if you're writing something for me in an exchange/fest/etc. i'm quite easy to please though and i'm sure i will love whatever you create! this is really just to help you along/inspire you if you're stuck. 💖

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i'm...not sure what this is, exactly. i'm going to say that this is for ~inspiration purposes for if i want to write a fic/make graphics i can just come back here instead of having to look up the quotes again but... mainly i just had a lot of feelings about these two while reading and highlighted/bookmarked all the sentences/passages that made my heart hurt and want to be able to come back here and cry about them whenever i feel the need.
and we will only need each other )
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for the my best picture picks challenge at draw_cards.


  • slightly nsfw (aka one picture shows a bit off a man's buttcheeks)

  • fairly image heavy

  • lots of pink

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i watch too much television someone stop me
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113 multifandom icons

42 marvel+dc (black widow, hawkeye vs deadpool, ms marvel, the avengers, captain america, guardians of the galaxy,
agent carter, agents of shield, supergirl, jessica jones, arrow, the flash, + stature, oracle, and ms marvel fancast)
15 teen wolf
9 girl meets world
7 the hour
5 merlin
4 the 100
3 celebs (marzia bisognin, sabrina carpenter)
2 the fosters
2 game of thrones
5 misc movies (dirty dancing, star trek, gone girl, lord of the rings, harry potter)
17 misc tv shows (jane the virgin, once upon a time, gotham, alias, faking it, izombie, leverage, skins, suits, the walking dead, orphan black, the vampire diaries, bitten, brooklyn nine nine, american horror story:hotel, gossip girl, in the flesh)

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